The Free Five

The Free Five is a very old organization, originally founded by a band of escaped slaves who set out to make the world their own. As members came and went, the aims of the party gradually shifted from noble deeds and high adventure to pragmatic mercenary work. The original lineup is long gone, and none of the current roster is usre who they even were. They don’t really care.

The morally flexible leader of the group is Isaac Saedin, a cavalier of the cockatrice. Other members iclude:

Scylla, psychotic and immensely tough barabarian.

Felix Finnegan, halfling bard and all around asshole.

Dorfin, a gloomy, apathetic dwarven fighter.

They are aware they are technically understaffed at the moment. If they meet anybody who seems tobe enough of a bastard, they ARE hiring. (Kazkin may be an option here).

The Free Five

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