Seeing eye sword

weapon (melee)

Blue is a steel longsword with a fairly simple design, having serrated edges along the base of the blade designed to catch opponents weapons. More interestingly, the hilt is embedded with an electric blue eyeball that casts about and follows its surroundings curiously. The scabbard leaves the eye exposed, and the eyeball reacts to stimuli with a combination of shrieks, keening, screaming, burbles, grumbles, growls, squeaks, chirps, chortles and chittering. Blue has an excitable personality, being easily annoyed or delighted.

Functions as a +2 longsword and grants a +2 bonus on disarm checks made against an opponent’s weapon. The weapon is also useful as an alarm system, as Blue has a +8 perception bonus and happily bursts into noise when it sees somebody new.



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