Freelancing goblin cut-throat


Kazkin is a goblin mercenary and assassin who was kicked out of his tribe because his heterochroma (right eye red, left eye black) was viewed as a bad omen. He took this news murderously, and has continued forward with more or less the same attitude. He is essentially without any kind of loyalty, and will turn on any previous allies as soon as a better looking deal comes along. Sucks back on a wineskin whenever he can, grins in amusement with his huge, wide mouth of pointy teeth when violence appears before him to entertain him. Can’t swim.

Kazkin is constantly changing his surname to something more badass and menacing than his previous choice. Examples of aliases he has used include Kazkin Bloodeye/Killsneak/Murderfuck/Hellcock/Nineknives/Goremaw/Kinslayer/Doomeye/Costslots.


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